About Us

E-Commerce experts,
minus the hype

“On the drive home from the trade show, Frans and I made a pact to build an eCommerce platform together. The next day we got to work.”

— Piotr Zaleski, Centra Co-Founder, 8 years ago

8 years of reimagining eCommerce

For 8 years now, our team has worked day in and day out to improve eCommerce for everyone. That sounds like a grand statement but it’s the truth. We’re a close-knit team of experts: developers, designers, strategists and innovators. Together we’ve built the worlds most flexible eCommerce platform that works intuitively for any style of business, big or small.

Growing companies like Nudie Jeans and Odd Molly rely on us every day to keep their businesses running smoothly, and you can too.

Core Values

You are where you belong

Remember, each of us was hand-picked to be part of this talented team. You belong right here.

Think Big

Don’t be afraid to set impossible goals. You may surprise yourself.

Solve problems that matter

Don’t spin your wheels on the small stuff. Grab a team-member and crack the big problems wide open.

Good luck, have fun

You’re along for a crazy ride. Enjoy it.

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